New Style Flag

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I took it upon myself to have a new flag created for the Chapter. I worked with a company called Motorcycle Flag Store and they created the design for us.Take a look at the flag.They offer them in two sizes, 4.5" x 9" & 6" x 10" . they also offer two flag pole sizes, 1/8" for antennas and 'flagpole' for flagpoles 3/8 - 1/2" size. They are $15.00 each. Since we had them designed by the company, I was told it would be best to place the order using the chapter funds.We will need to pay Kathy Huber the funds for your flag(s). You can either pay her in cash or check made out to Chapter Z. So,if you are interested please go to our sign up page. I will wait till after the March meeting to place the order.

I have been in contact with The Motorcycle Flag Store. I brought up the question about adding a name or hometown or whatever else you want to add. He did not have a problem with this. He suggested we place a name or hometown on the edge like in this example. Also, there would be a cost of $4.00 to add this to each flag.

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It's another good way to help get our name out there


If you are interested, please contact Melody House at


phone 309-202-1371.  


Thank you for supporting our chapter in this new adventure.